John Steuart Curry: The Road Home

At last, a biography especially for young readers that celebrates the life and art of Kansas artist John Steuart Curry!

      As with many artists, John Steuart Curry's life was a constant struggle to fulfill his passion for painting while satisfying his critics.  People, including those of his own state, were not quick to embrace the rolling farm scenes and rural events that were often depicted in his paintings.  Even the giant murals Curry painted in the Kansas State Capitol were met with negative comments. 
      Now, however, turn the pages as the author tells of John Steuart Curry's life, using his beautiful paintings to illustrate his rural upbringing and adult career.  Follow the turns of his life's path, which often led back to Kansas.  Finally, read about the legacy left to Kansas State University by his late wife, who donated over 900 pieces of Curry's artwork to the Beach Museum of Art.  
      Yes, the road has been long, but finally John Steuart Curry is home!

This book is appropriate for children ages 5-12.  But would also be useful for older students doing research.   The reading level is approximately 3.0.  The illustrations would interest pre-schoolers to adults. Please e-mail me at the address below if you are interested in an Accelerated Reader Test for this book.



Upcoming presentations and book signing dates are listed below:

Oskaloosa, KS - Sept. 16, 2006 Old Jefferson Town
Winchester, KS - Oct. 7, 2006  Winchester Public Library
Lawrence, KS - Oct. 9-10, 2006 Kansas Gifted, Talented and Creative Conference
Leawood, KS -Oct. 3, 2006 Barnes & Noble Teacher Appreciation Night 
Topeka, KS - TBA
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This beautiful 9x11 hardback book with full color images of Curry's work will be available Sept. 2006 for $23.95 in bookstores, at or from the publisher.
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John Steuart Curry Portrait by Emily Bertels

Many items related to the life and art of John Steuart Curry are on display for the public at the Curry Boyhood Home and Museum located in Old Jefferson Town in Oskaloosa, Kansas.  Old Jefferson Town is open weekends from March to September.

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